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25 Dec
The New York Times

The Big Three, At a Glance

Many places offer MOOCs, and many more will. But Coursera, Udacity and edX are the leading providers. Here’s how they differ. COURSERA Profile: For-profit with Stanford roots; 33 university partners, including many Ivys, Duke, California Institute of Technology,

25 Dec
Kevin Carey / The New York Times

Show Me Your Badge

AT the end of “Fundamentals of Atomic Force Microscopy,” a short online course offered by Purdue University, students who score at least 60 percent on the final exam will receive an e-mail with a file attached

24 Dec
The Economist

Learning new lessons

Online courses are transforming higher education, creating new opportunities for the best and huge problems for the rest

TOP-QUALITY teaching, stringent admissions criteria and impressive qualifications allow the world’s best universities to charge mega-fees: over $50,000 for a year of undergraduate study at Harvard

24 Dec
Leena Rao / Techcrunch

TenMarks Raises $3 Million For Personalized Math Learning SaaS

Education technology startup TenMarks has raised $3 million in new funding led by Catamount Ventures with Birchmere Ventures participating. James Joaquin, new partner at Catamount Ventures, is joining TenMarks’ board. TenMarks offers a cloud-based service

24 Dec
Rip Empson / Techcrunch

BetterLesson Grabs $1.6 Million To Let Educators Find And Share The Best Lesson Plans

Primary and high school teachers already have a hard job. It’s difficult to envy the pour souls who had the unfortunate position of educating the type of disorderly rapscallions

24 Dec
Rip Empson / Techcrunch

How Technology Is Empowering Teachers, Minting Millionaires, And Improving Education

Thanks to the rise of in-classroom technology, the focus in education tends to be on student engagement and how to improve learning. It becomes easy to forget the importance of great teachers. Startups, entrepreneurs, businesses

24 Dec
BetterLesson blog

Scaling the Successes of Excellent Teachers

We want to announce an ambitious new undertaking here at BetterLesson; a common core-inspired, teacher-to-teacher learning project. First, a little background. Here at BetterLesson, we’re pretty darn convinced that great teachers are the key to student learning