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29 Dec
Business Standard

TalentSprint raises Rs 20 cr funding

Hyderabad-based skill development company, TalentSprint, has raised Rs 20 crore ($4 million) in Series A equity funding from Nexus Venture Partners. Co-founded by Madhumurty Ronanki, Santanu Paul, and JA Chowdary, TalentSprint aims to skill 500,000 graduates by 2020.

Talent Sprint raises Rs 20 cr from Nexus Venture PartnersTalentSprint raises Rs 20 cr from Nexus VentureTalentSprint raises Series A Funding from Nexus Venture Partners

25 Dec
The New York Times

The Big Three, At a Glance

Many places offer MOOCs, and many more will. But Coursera, Udacity and edX are the leading providers. Here’s how they differ. COURSERA Profile: For-profit with Stanford roots; 33 university partners, including many Ivys, Duke, California Institute of Technology,

25 Dec
Kevin Carey / The New York Times

Show Me Your Badge

AT the end of “Fundamentals of Atomic Force Microscopy,” a short online course offered by Purdue University, students who score at least 60 percent on the final exam will receive an e-mail with a file attached

24 Dec
Seema Singh / Forbes India

In search of creative engineers

This company makes special training modules to hone the problem-solving skills of students

The Co-founders Vishwanathan Vinay, adjunct faculty, Chennai Mathematical Institute Swami Manohar, former professor, Indian Institute of Science Their Startup: LimberLink Technologies

24 Dec / Reuters

Education startup Limberlink raises $2 mln from Accel Partners

Bangalore-based education services startup Limberlink Technologies Pvt Ltd has raised around $2 million from Accel Partners, according to sources privy to the development.

Accel invests in education start-up Limberlink TechnologiesLimberlink Technologies Raises Funds From Accel Partners

24 Dec
The Economist

Learning new lessons

Online courses are transforming higher education, creating new opportunities for the best and huge problems for the rest

TOP-QUALITY teaching, stringent admissions criteria and impressive qualifications allow the world’s best universities to charge mega-fees: over $50,000 for a year of undergraduate study at Harvard

24 Dec
E Kumar Sharma / Business Today

Private engineering colleges are real estate rackets, says V Raghunathan

V Raghunathan, a former professor of finance, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, who currently heads a corporate foundation involved in social work and inclusive education, discusses the problems of the Right to Education Act